smart board

smarboard whiteboard, also known as EIBOARD smart board, is an interactive display ins the format of a whiteboard that reacts to user input either directly or through other devices.

For a while, standard whiteboards have been used commonly as a way people can share messages, present information, and engage in collaborative brainstorming and idea development. With the same cooperative goals in mind, interactive whiteboards have the ability to connect to the Internet and instantly digitize tasks and operations.

Interactive whiteboard software often includes easy-to-use charts, polls and graphs, including virtual versions of tools one might find in a classroom like rulers compasses or protractors. They can play various types of media and provide teachers with interactive lessons for their students.

Interactive whiteboards are used in classrooms, boardrooms, engineering, coaching and the strategic planning of many types of projects.


Transform Your Classroom or Boardroom with EIBOARD Interactive Whiteboard

The modern workplace or education space has evolved drastically over the last few years. Technology advancements have made it increasingly easier to share engaging, interactive ideas and presentations in both the classroom and the boardroom. With these advancements, comes many more ways for people to present their ideas in a way that is not only interesting and engaging but helps to .ensure all of the relevant information is retained.

An electronic whiteboard is the perfect tool for the 21st-century workplace. Connectable to your smartphone, laptop, or any other mobile device, it enables you to give dynamic presentations including graphics, videos, and a whole lot more. In addition, you can write on the screen just as you would with a regular whiteboard, so you can highlight particular points or discuss new ideas at any time. An interactive whiteboard offers many tools. Our boards come pre-installed with MS-compatible whiteboard software.


Interactive whiteboards are particularly useful in the classroom, as they are far more engaging than traditional boards and projectors. Interactive whiteboards allow for students to learn, understand, brainstorm and collaborate on ideas together. Teachers can use a variety of technological features on an interactive board to enhance the classroom experience and cover topics more extensively with their students.

Electronic whiteboards are also incredibly useful in the workplace for engaging and interactive presentations, collaborations, and team-building exercises. An electronic board can transform the average boardroom meeting into a much more interactive, dynamic and forward-thinking experience.

 smart board large touchable display, working with collaboration of a projector and an external computer connected. In terms of basic solution architecture, Interactive Whiteboard enables the multi-touch function when connected to the external computer and the projector projects the computer screen on the interactive whiteboard. Calibration software is installed to the computer to calibrate the touch function of the interactive whiteboard. In addition, an interactive teaching software is also installed to the computer for interactive teaching. This software facilitates teachers to plan the lesson, general teaching, lesson recording and many more features.

EIBOARD Interactive whiteboards are coming in different sizes, which are 82”, 96” and 105”. In terms of the projector, the interactive whiteboard works with almost any customer projector despite whether the projector is high end or low end.

EIBOARD Interactive whiteboards features as below make the teaching and presentation attractive and more effective.

* Easy Installation and Connection
* Multi-Touch Writing Board with Teaching software included
* Ceramic Surface as optional for dry erasable pens
* Durable Magnetic surface, Resistance to damage
* Multiple Whiteboard size and Aspect Ratio optional
* Shortcut toolbars for Convenient Presentation and Annotation