Interactive Flat Panel – ED Series

EIBOARD Interactive Flat Panel ED series, as an interactive whiteboard, which is a large smart display board that is integrated with a computer and a tablet ,and is used as a tool for displaying and manipulating digital content. The EIBOARD interactive whiteboard is mounted on a wall or stand and functions like a traditional whiteboard +TV, but with the added benefit of interactivity.

Interactive whiteboards enable users to control and interact with digital content using touch gestures or special stylus pens. This allows the presenter or teacher to annotate and highlight materials on the board, and to collaborate with other users in real-time. Interactive whiteboards can include features such as handwriting recognition, video and audio recording, and the ability to save and share content.

They are used in educational and business settings to enhance learning and collaboration, allowing for more dynamic and engaging presentations and lessons. The interactive whiteboards with newer technologies are used in many classrooms and boardrooms, called as interactive flat panels or all in one interactive whiteboard have been increasingly popular due to their improved image quality, touch sensitivity, easy installation and fewer maintenance requirements.

The Interactive Flat Panel ED series with main features of: 1. Zero-bonding writing effects 2. Front bezel with sliding lockable design 3. Quick access popular Apps from panel front button menu 4. Android 11.0 and Windows Dual system 5. A grade 4K panel and AG tempered glass 6. Licensed Whiteboard software 7. Wireless screen share software 8. Customization acceptable